Solid flooring Parquet

interior flooring

interior flooring

Solid parquet for indoor is done with T/G in particular in the larger formats or without T/G according to the dimensions, in European or in exotic wood.
Solid parquets are also available calibrated, brushed and beveled, lacquered or oiled and also processed for herringbone (90°) and for chevron (45° and 60°). This collection also offers wooden floors like parquet mosaic and industrial mosaic in different sizes and wood species.

Beech, Hornbeam, Oak, Ash parquet are also available both natural and heat treated.

Our products

Lente Solid Oak Solid Oak
Lente Solid Yesquero Negro Solid Yesquero Negro
Lente Spina Rovere Spina Rovere
Lente Massiccio industriale Frassino Massiccio industriale Frassino
Lente Solid Asia Teak Solid Asia Teak
Lente Industrial solid FSC ® Brazilian Teak Industrial solid FSC ® Brazilian Teak
Lente Solid TT Ash Solid TT Ash
Lente Solid Olive Solid Olive
Lente Solid Industrial Oak Solid Industrial Oak
Lente Massiccio faggio TT Massiccio faggio TT